Five Things I Would Rather Do Than Cheer For Tom Brady

There are four things, nay even five, I would rather do than cheer for Tom Brady.

If you listen to the rumors, it appears that Tom Brady is seriously considering joining the Tennessee Titans for the 2020 season. And to make matters worse, the Titans are said to be fine with that plan. Well, I am not fine with that plan. I realize Tom Brady is considered by most to be “The GOAT” but I can’t stand him. Everything about him makes my skin crawl. His stupid face. His whiny personality. The fact that he plays for the worst organization in the history of sports. He is the worst and I want no part of him on my favorite team. I don’t think I’m alone.

As far as I’m concerned, Ryan Tannehill did everything he needed to do to earn the job for the foreseeable future. I see no reason to do anything other than ride with the guys who took our Titans to the AFC Championship game last season. Tom Brady makes little to no sense in this offense with all that in mind. So, here are five things I would rather do than cheer for him.

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Quarterback: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (The NFL on REO)

Highlighting some of the most interesting Quarterback stories in Week 6 of the NFL. (796 words)

The Good

Carson Wentz

I will readily admit that I did not expect Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles to be this good this quickly. Wentz burst on the scene last year and had all the East Coast media hyperventilating. He came crashing back to earth in the second half of the season but the buzz had been built and the media declared him one of the up-and-coming Quarterbacks to watch in 2017. For once, the media was actually correct. At least, the signs appear to be pointing in that direction.

Through six games, Wentz has thrown nearly 1,600 yards, 13 touchdowns, and only 3 interceptions. He has a passer rating of 99.6. If you look a little more closely at his numbers, his improvement seems to be pretty easy to pinpoint: He protects the ball better than last year and he is making his completions count more. His completion percentage is actually almost 2% points lower than his rookie season, but he is throwing for a much higher TD% and a much lower INT%. Also, his Yards Per Attempt is substantially better in 2017. Eagles’ fans have to be excited about the future with the growth they have seen in year two for Wentz.

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The NFL on REO: Tennessee Titans Edition

We go “all-in” on the Tennessee Titans! We recap Preseason Game 3, do Five Questions with Paul Kuharsky, and get your predictions for the upcoming season. (1,572 words)

The Tennessee Titans – High Hopes and Legitimate Concerns

This week, we are going to take a little break from our usual league-wide coverage, and focus only on the Tennessee Titans. For those that think that seems unfair, too bad. It’s my column and I can do whatever I want. Last season, the Titans finished second in the AFC South with a 9-7 record. They missed the playoffs in a tie-breaker to the Houston Texans. The Titans have made what look to be smart moves this offseason to improve the roster and hopes are high in Tennessee.

Or, they were high until the preseason started.

The Titans were uninspired and seemingly bored the entire first preseason game against the New York Jets. Their offense was anemic and their first team defense gave up a quick score to an awful Jets’ offense. The Titans rebounded and looked good the following week against the Carolina Panthers. Both sides of the ball made plays and they calmed the doubts and fears that had been festering in the hearts of the Tennessee fan base after the first game.

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The NFL on REO: Dominance

This week’s column contains more Gowdy Cannon zaniness and our first Power Rankings of the season. Number 3 will blow your mind! (1,741 words)

The Insane Ramblings of Gowdy Cannon

On to 2017…

Yes, I’m the guy who wrote a 2500-hundred word counseling session on how Tom Brady is the most overrated quarterback of all-time. But don’t let that keep you from reading what I’m about to write. You should appreciate it primarily because I wrote the Brady article.

While players can be overrated or underrated to team success I do not think there is any way to get around claiming team superiority in an objective way. For example, we could argue all day whether Brady, Aaron Rodgers or Matt Ryan was the best QB in the NFL last year, but we cannot argue that New England was the best team. That was objectively settled on the field.

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Titans Tuesday: What Do We Know?

And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

We are two weeks into the 2016 NFL season and it is clear that we know very little. Even so, I believe there are a few things we can have some certainty about when it comes to the National Football League:

1. The New England Patriots could plug in yours truly as their new quarterback and would probably finish the season 11-5.

If you are a fan of the Patriots, this is just so fun and exciting and heartwarming, it’s enough to make a man blush. If you are not a fan of the Patriots, you are probably cursing, ranting, raving and throwing out wild accusations of shenanigans and tomfoolery. Or, if you hate Tom Brady more than you hate the Patriots, you are smiling like an idiot hoping the team’s success in these first four games is enough evidence to prove your longstanding thesis: Tom Brady is massively overrated.

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Titans Tuesday: Dear Diary

A sneak peak into the minds of the Tennessee Titans.

Recently, I had the great fortune of stumbling upon a stack of diaries and journals – diaries and journals that belong to members of the Tennessee Titans. Don’t ask me how I gained access to them. I would get some people in serious trouble if I told you. Needless to say, what I found written in these journals was eye opening. I do want to apologize to the players and coaches involved in what could be perceived as an invasion of their privacy. My bad. Now, let’s get to the good stuff! (My comments in parentheses following the diary/journal entries.)

Marcus Mariota’s journal. 6/13/2016:

Life is great. I’m so excited about the season. I can’t wait until it gets here. I think the coaches are happy with my progress in the offseason. They seem to be. My teammates are just the best. Great guys.

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