Titans Tuesday: “It vexes me. I am terribly vexed.”

The Titans did their best to lose on Sunday but failed due to the Bears being a little more inept.

I was furious when the game between the Tennessee Titans and the Chicago Bears ended on Sunday. I sat there, on the edge of the couch, with my head in my hands. It was ridiculous to react that way to a 27-21 Titans’ victory, but some wins are just different from others. And this win was garbage.

For the majority of three quarters, the Titans proved they were a better team than the Bears.

After a few early hiccups on defense, the team settled down and dominated, scoring 27 straight points. Marcus Mariota and the offense continued their hot streak of moving the ball and putting points on the board. The defense got in on the action as well, turning the Bears over a few times. Life was good, until the Titans forgot that in the NFL, you have to play four quarters in a game, not three.

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Titans Tuesday: The 2016 NFL Draft Recap

Three views on the Titans’ Draft.

Do you want to read an in-depth evaluation of the Titans’ draft? Go here.

I am not going to go player by player, or round by round. There are plenty of places to find that kind of reaction. My aim in writing about the draft is much more of a gut reaction type of thing. I am going to break things down in three categories: The Pessimist View. The Optimist View. And the Middle-of-the-Road View.

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