Thank you, Delanie Walker

A letter to Delanie Walker.

Mr. Walker, I see the Titans just placed you on IR for the remainder of the season. That is very disappointing. It is disappointing because it means your season is over. But, it’s more disappointing because it means your time with the Tennessee Titans is probably over as well. I hope not, but that’s typically how these things work.

You don’t deserve to go out like this. You have been a consummate professional in your time in Tennessee. You are one of the main reasons the Titans were able to leave the dregs of the NFL behind and become a winning franchise again. You are the best Tight End in the history of the team, no offense to Frank Wycheck. I’m convinced that if you had played for a Dallas or a New York and put up the numbers you did in Tennessee, you would be a household name. Instead, you produced at an All-Pro level for 6+ seasons in virtual anonymity. Again, you don’t deserve that.

So, if this move to IR is the end of your time with the Titans, I just want to say “thank you.” You have exemplified what it means to be a professional, a leader, a teammate, and a role model. You have excelled at your craft and worked harder than everyone around you. The results speak for themselves: 381 catches. 4,423 yards. 28 touchdown in your time with Tennessee. Those kind of numbers don’t happen by accident. They happen because of all the hard work and time you put into perfecting your skills. They happened because of your unstoppable work ethic and drive.

I hope this isn’t the end of your time in two-toned blue. We loved cheering for you. You did more for this franchise than most players who have walked through the doors at St. Thomas Sports Park. If this is goodbye, you did everything you could to make this team great and the fans won’t forget it.

Thank you, Delanie Walker. Thank you for being a Titan fans could be proud of. The number 82 is yours to keep. The team won’t need it for anyone else after you are gone.

Monday Morning Reaction: “This is my happy face.”

That was fun.

Show of hands: How many of you saw THAT coming? Be honest. I’ll wait…

It is really nice to get a game like that after about a month of really close nail biters. I enjoy those as well, but sometimes, I just want to be able to relax at the end of a Titans’ game. Yesterday’s game was just what the doctor ordered.

Here are my main reactions to the game:

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Around the League: Week 11

A closer look at each game this week in the NFL.

Houston Texans (6-3) @ Baltimore Ravens (7-2)

TEO Game of the Week!

In a matchup that features two of the most exciting, young, dual-threat QBs in the NFL I wonder if many have forgotten just how good Deshaun Watson and the Houston Texans have been this season? Watson is 4th in QB Rating, 3rd in Completion %, 3rd in passing TD’s, etc. Oh and BTW all of those rankings are higher than Lamar Jackon’s! Likewise the Texans are 4th in YPG and 8th in PPG.

The Ravens offense is flying high led by their do-it-all MVP candidate Lamar Jackson! The team is 1st in PPG and 2nd in YPG. What else can I say about Jackson? Well here’s one more stat: Jackson is 11th in the NFL in rushing yards and has more rushing yards than the Ravens starting RB Mark Ingram. Because the Ravens depend on Jackson to do so much I wonder if the team can still win if he plays like a mere mortal.

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Monday Morning Reaction: Action Steps

Well, that was not optimal.

There are many good articles out there about all the things that went wrong for the Titans yesterday. I don’t want to rehash it all because it’s too frustrating to write about. Instead, I’m going to focus on what can be done to fix it. These Action Steps might not work, but anything is better than what we are seeing so far in 2019.

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Around the League: Week 9

We look at every Week 9 game.

Houston Texans @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Did you know the AFC South is the only division in which every team has a record of .500 or better? Every divisional game is tough and crucial. Another year in Texas and another season ending injury to star, J.J. Watt. As a result the offense must shoulder more of the load. Watson and company look ready to do just that boasting the 4th most YPG in the league. As if pressure from the standings wasn’t enough Garner Minshew now faces pressure from the impending return of injured QB, Nick Foles. Minshew stats are on par with the best in the league. And he’s been successful despite the Jags’ defense regressing from a top D in 2018 to the middle of the pack in 2019.

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Mid-Season Reaction: What Do We Know?

Do we actually know anything about this team?

The Tennessee Titans are 4-4 at the midway point in the season. They currently are on the outside of the playoff race, though it is much too early to be seriously looking at the standings. They have a hard road ahead of them if they want to qualify for the playoffs, but winning two games in a row has helped their case considerably.

I would like to break down the team into two categories: The things we know for sure – good and bad – and the things we think we know. Let’s start with the stuff we know.

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Around the League: Week 8

We take a quick look at all the games for Week 8.

Intro by Phill Lytle

You aren’t going to find a better or more comprehensive preview of all the NFL games anywhere on the net. Think of this as teaser trailers for every NFL game. Mark does an amazing job of hitting the main story lines while still finding less obvious things to bring to our attention. Enjoy!

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Monday Morning Reaction: A Win is a Win

This will be brief. Lots of work to do at my real job. Here are a few of my thoughts about Sunday’s big win over the L.A. Chargers.

Ryan Tannehill’s Big Day

Right now, Tannehill is the man for the job. He was decisive. He trusted his receivers to make plays for him and the offense. His pocket presence was good enough to get the win, though he lacked some ball security on a few hits that really could have cost the team. Tannehill played with a lot of confidence and that was fun to watch. I hope he can keep playing at that level, or even better, for the rest of the season. With this defense, that might be enough to make a run.

Speaking of defense…

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