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I’m hoping this will become a new feature for Titans Ever On. Every week or so, I plan on throwing out an idea, a discussion point, or an observation regarding the Tennessee Titans or the NFL in general. As the name implies, these articles are going to be short and sweet.

Bad NFL Journalism

Albert Breer writes the Monday Morning QB on SI.com now and he has a section he calls, “The All 32” which allows him to at least mention every team in the NFL each week. (Something that Peter King, who used to write it, never did. There were certain teams he wrote about all the time and others he barely ever mentioned. You can probably guess which teams landed where.)

This is the “paragraph” Breer wrote for the Titans:

“The Titans got the run game going again, and they get Taylor Lewan back this week, which should be pretty significant.”

Albert Breer

If you watched that game, your takeaway from it would not be, “man, they sure got the running game going! That’s why they won.” If it is, you don’t understand football at all. Which tells me one obvious thing: Breer looked at the box score, saw Henry had 100 yards rushing and Mariota had under 250 yards passing, and decided the running game was the key. I don’t even care if he mentions Mariota – though he played one of the best 1st halves in his career. But how do you not mention the defense holding the Atlanta offense to 10 points? I almost prefer these national writers to just completely ignore the Titans instead of offering these pitiful crumbs to look like they are covering the entire league.

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