Tennessee Titans at Jacksonville Jaguars: Keys to the Game

Keys to the game

It’s a short week so I’m going to keep my commentary short. These are the three Keys to the game against Jacksonville tonight.

Put Sunday behind you.

The Titans need to turn the page on Sunday quickly. In fact, I hope they already did. This game should be one where they dominate and walk away with a division and conference win. I realize Sunday’s loss to the Colts was painful, and the team should be angry about it, but they have to focus on the Jags.

Crown the King

Simply put, Derrick Henry needs to touch the ball early and often. I would like to see him get at least 25 total touches tonight. If he runs over a few Jacksonville players early, that defense will quit. Feed him all night long and you will run away with a win. I really believe it’s that simple.

Take Shots

Mariota played timid on Sunday against the Colts. He had chances to push the ball down the field to his playmakers and he didn’t do it. Marcus needs to get back to the mentality he had in his second season. He needs to be smart with the ball but he needs to be aggressive. Mariota has to give his guys a chance to make plays. Corey Davis has been vastly underutilized so far this season. That needs to change tonight.

Final Word

If the Titans play up to their potential, they win. The Jags are a broken team that is only going to break more if the Titans go down there and crush them. The Titans cannot afford to overlook them, though. The Jags are a wounded beast which means they can still be dangerous. Hit them early and hit them hard and they will cower.

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