It’s Football Time!

I’m going to do my best to keep this one short. Tonight, after too many months of waiting, a real NFL game will be played. The Packers and the Bears open the season at Soldier Field in Chicago. I’m not really a fan of either team but that does not matter to me at all. It’s football time!

I am a huge sports fan. I love basketball, baseball, and hockey. But, there is nothing that compares to my passion and love of the NFL and the Tennessee Titans. (Sometimes I am a little too passionate.)Every year around this time, a nervous energy starts to build inside of me. Football is near and I can almost feel it.

The start of the NFL season means hope for all 32 teams. It means excitement, energy, and enthusiasm. From this day until the Super Bowl is played, we will have NFL football for nearly 21 straight weeks. Cherish this time. Enjoy the games – the highs and the lows. Watch it with your friends and family. Watch the games with your kids. I will be rooting on the Titans every week, no matter the outcome. I am hopeful and optimistic every season, because every season brings new possibilities. It is a beautiful thing.

It’s football time and life is good again!

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