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Early on in the whole Rambling Ever On thing, I decided that it would be fun to include as much Tennessee Titans content as possible. After about a year of weekly Titans’ content, I decided to broaden the scope and focus on the entire NFL, to mixed results. I am proud of the content we produced but my passion is the Tennessee Titans so I’ve decided I would rather focus almost exclusively on them going forward. Titans Ever On will give me the avenue to write about my favorite team as much as I want to.

A new home…

After much deliberation with the rest of the Rambling Ever On staff, we decided that to better serve both Rambling Ever On and our Titans’ content, we needed to do something different. Instead of overloading REO with weekly Titans’ content, we decided it would be best to give it a new home. Titans Ever On will be the landing spot for all of our Titans’ articles and conversations. REO will remain the same great thing it has always been. Don’t worry about that. (Also, we have moved the old Titans and NFL content from Rambling Ever On to this site.)

Questions that need answering…

I guess at this point, the biggest remaining question is why does there need to be another Titans blog. It’s a good question and I’m not entirely sure I have a great answer. I’m not an X’s and O’s kind of writer. If you want that sort of thing, there are a few other people doing awesome film breakdowns on the internet. That is not what I bring to the table. My perspective is one of a fan: a hardcore, watch every game, read most of the articles, talk about them all the time fan. I won’t regurgitate the same opinions you read other places. And I won’t be a hot-take artist. I will do my best to bring intelligence, humor, and insight. If those aren’t your things, feel free to move along.

I hope you enjoy the new site and please be sure to follow us on Twitter: @TitansEverOn

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