Titans Tuesday: Winning!

The Tennessee Titans just won two games in a row for the first time since weeks 16 and 17 of the 2013 season. That is:

1,023 days.

Or 2 years, 9 months, 18 days.

Or 146 weeks and 1 day.

In other words:


In more words: That shows a level of incompetence that should be impossible in a league designed to make the majority of teams competitive week in and week out. But somehow, the Titans and the previous regime were able to not only beat the odds, they defied ALL THE ODDS. More evidence that Ken Whisenhunt and Ruston Webster were a tag team worse than the Godwins1.


In all fairness, the Godwins actually won the WWE2 tag team title a few times. Whiz and Webs didn’t win anything important. And they never won two games in a row. If you are worse than the Godwins, you are very, very bad. Let us all strive to be better than the Godwins, Whizenhunt and Webster.3

Now that the Titans are in the seemingly capable hands of Jon Robinson and Mike Mularkey, not only have they won two games in a row, they have been competitive in every single game this season. That was unheard of in Nashville the previous two seasons. This team still has significant flaws, but if you are at all objective you can see the strides they are making and the future looks good for this team.

Various and Sundries

Kendall Wright made his presence known on Sunday, catching 8 balls for 133 yards and one touchdown. He is a legitimate weapon in the passing game when he is healthy. Let’s hope he continues to make plays the rest of this season.

Marcus Mariota had himself another good game. He racked up 348 yards in the air and on the ground and threw three touchdowns against the Cleveland Browns. He had one bad interception on a play that he tried to do too much4, but outside of that throw, he played a great game. Mariota showed great touch with the long ball, completing 4 out of 4 passes of over 20 yards.

Sack City? The Titans have 12 sacks in the past two games. They will not be able to sustain that level in every game, but it’s good to see the defense put up those kind of numbers against teams with poor offensive lines.

Looking Ahead

The Titans have so much riding on these next two games.

First, beating the Indianapolis Colts would put the Titans at 4-3 for the season; topping their win mark for last season in only seven games. It would also place the Colts in dead last in the AFC South with a 2-5 record. The Titans need to view this as a playoff game. They have a chance at completely demoralizing the Colts and possibly killing their playoff hopes.

Second, a Titan win this weekend would perfectly set up their one Prime Time game the following Thursday night against the Jacksonville Jaguars. The fans are starting to come around. The team noticed the noise this past Sunday against the Browns. They heard the fans. Another win will do so much to reinforce that this is not the same Titans’ team we have seen for the past 1,023 days. A divisional opponent in a Prime Time game will energize the crowd in a way this city hasn’t seen in years. Literally. Keep the momentum going Titans. Beat the Colts and then show the rest of the country what you are building in Tennessee.

  1.  Link
  2. WWF if you were watching back then.
  3. That sounds like a really bad law firm.
  4. This is something he has done too often this season. He needs to fix this if they are going to beat better teams.
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