Titans Tuesday: What Do We Know?

We are two weeks into the 2016 NFL season and it is clear that we know very little. Even so, I believe there are a few things we can have some certainty about when it comes to the National Football League:

1. The New England Patriots could plug in yours truly as their new quarterback and would probably finish the season 11-5.

If you are a fan of the Patriots, this is just so fun and exciting and heartwarming, it’s enough to make a man blush. If you are not a fan of the Patriots, you are probably cursing, ranting, raving and throwing out wild accusations of shenanigans and tomfoolery. Or, if you hate Tom Brady more than you hate the Patriots, you are smiling like an idiot hoping the team’s success in these first four games is enough evidence to prove your longstanding thesis: Tom Brady is massively overrated.

2. Jeff Fisher made a deal with the devil at some point in his career.

How else can you explain how he continues to get opportunities as a head coach even though his teams are almost always average? Too bad for Fisher, the deal he made with the devil didn’t include being a good NFL coach. It seems he asked simply for the title but none of the success. Or maybe it’s all about his moustache…like a Samson thing.

3. With multiple camera angles, slow motion, and the ability to dissect every single play, NFL referees are looking worse by the year.

It doesn’t help that the league continues to muddy the waters with language and rules that don’t actually make a lot of sense.

4. The Jacksonville Jaguars are bad. Per their usual.

5. Cam Newton wears really ugly hats.


What about the Titans? After two incredibly frustrating games, what do we know about this team? Once again, I think we know very little yet, but we are seeing some answers coming into shape.

1. The trade for DeMarco Murray was the right move.

It was not universally loved; In fact, some NFL writers were critical of it because they felt that Murray was not worth the contract the Titans traded for. Also, most of those that were critical fell victim to the “what have you done for me lately” mentality that so permeates any discussion about the NFL. Murray was not good in 2015, therefore, he could not be good in a different offense the following season. First, let’s deal with the contract: The Titans renegotiated the contract as soon as he arrived in Tennessee, making it much more cap friendly for the team. Do your job media.

As far as how productive Murray could be in a different setting, his stat line for 2016 is as follows:

  • 131 yards rushing on 25 attempts. Good for 5.2 yards per carry.
  • He also has 12 receptions for 91 yards and two touchdowns.
  • In other words, he has produced over 200 yards of offense and two touchdowns for the Titans. Labeling this trade as anything other than a complete success is crazy.

2. The defense is better than we all anticipated.

So far, they have looked like the perfect example of a “bend-but-don’t-break” defense. They have given up yards and annoyed their fans with some bad tackling, lapses in judgment, and other head scratchers, but even with all that, they have given up 25 total points. (13 points of their 25 total in Game 1 should be attributed to the offense due to those unholy turnovers and 2 points against the Lions were due to a safety.) I think any Titans fan in the world would take those numbers. Let’s hope they keep it up all season.

3. Marcus Mariota is clutch in game winning situations.

#Titans’ Mariota now has 4 wins as a starter. 3 of those have involved 4th-quarter comebacks.

John Glennon (@glennonsports) September 18, 2016

The team and Mariota need to do a better job of getting into a rhythm earlier in the game. If they do, the sky is the limit.

4. The Titans never make it easy on their fans.

In week one, they lost a game they should have won. In week two, they win a game they should have lost. I’m all for exciting finishes, but every now and then, I would like the Titans to demolish their opponent and allow me to enjoy the second half with no tension whatsoever.

Final Question of the Day: Who wins the Week Three matchup between Oakland and Tennessee? Vote in the poll below.

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Thanks for reading. Stay frosty people.

“And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

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