Titans Tuesday: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Training Camp is here. That means, in less than two weeks, the Titans will play in their first preseason game against the San Diego Chargers. And a month after that, on September 11, the Titans will play their first regular season game of the 2016 NFL season against the Minnesota Vikings.

Right now, at this very minute, there are 32 NFL teams with hope. Even the Browns. Every NFL season brings with it a renewed confidence, excitement and optimism. For the majority of teams in the NFL, those feelings will be thoroughly and violently crushed in a matter of months. But right now, everyone is dreaming big.

The Tennessee Titans are no exception to any of this

There is a buzz around the training facilities. A sense of anticipation is brewing. The team is eager to show the NFL and the rest of the world that they have turned the corner. That they are no longer the doormats of the league. That after years of futility and frustration, they are finally on the right track.

I am all in, for what it’s worth. I am, if nothing else, a constant optimist when it comes to the Titans. Against all odds, I believe and hope that success is imminent. As a fan of the team, I see no reason to approach the season with anything other than optimism. Call me naïve, or ignorant, or willfully blind, but I will hold on to hope as long as I can, until the team proves to me that it’s a lost cause. Every year is a new chance for redemption.

So here is what I ask of all of you out there: If you are going to be negative and depressing and all sorts of boring, go away. You are more than welcome to come back in a few months and gloat if the team is struggling, but for now, give the rest of us a few weeks of hope. Don’t take that away. I refuse to face every new season with anything other than excitement. I refuse to see losses up and down the schedule. Refuse to concede victory before the season has even begun. Refuse to bow to the altar of low expectations.

Football season is almost here! Does it get any better than this?

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  1. I still think you could write for a sports magazine or paper, but I am prejudiced. Good writing, Phill!

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