Titans Tuesday: Exotic Smashmouth

We recap the first preseason game of the year for the Tennessee Titans.

When Mike Mularkey was hired as the head coach of the Tennessee Titans earlier this year, he described the kind of team he was going to build: Physical. Tough. Smart. He also used a phrase to describe the offensive philosophy and system the team would be implementing going forward: Exotic Smashmouth. What did he mean by that? Simply put, the Titans are going to be a run heavy team with a healthy splash of creative play calling that will highlight their talented and physically impressive rookie QB, Marcus Mariota. It’s a throwback system and philosophy with a new paint job and a few new wrinkles.

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Titans Tuesday: A Call To Arms

Can the Titans build a home field advantage again?

I am sitting here in one of my favorite places to eat in Nashville, Thai Phooket, right next to Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans. In the past few years, eating here has provided many more great memories than watching the Titans play. I find that to be almost unspeakably sad.

The first Titans’ game I ever attended was in 2003.

A good friend invited me to go to the season opener against the defending AFC champion Oakland Raiders. A Sunday night game, which meant it was a nationally televised affair. It was my first exposure to the sights, the sounds, and the buzz of a real life NFL game.

It was amazing.

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Titans Tuesday: “It’s the most wonderful time of the year!”

Are you ready for some football?

Training Camp is here. That means, in less than two weeks, the Titans will play in their first preseason game against the San Diego Chargers. And a month after that, on September 11, the Titans will play their first regular season game of the 2016 NFL season against the Minnesota Vikings.

Right now, at this very minute, there are 32 NFL teams with hope. Even the Browns. Every NFL season brings with it a renewed confidence, excitement and optimism. For the majority of teams in the NFL, those feelings will be thoroughly and violently crushed in a matter of months. But right now, everyone is dreaming big.

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Titans Tuesday: Dear Diary

A sneak peak into the minds of the Tennessee Titans.

Recently, I had the great fortune of stumbling upon a stack of diaries and journals – diaries and journals that belong to members of the Tennessee Titans. Don’t ask me how I gained access to them. I would get some people in serious trouble if I told you. Needless to say, what I found written in these journals was eye opening. I do want to apologize to the players and coaches involved in what could be perceived as an invasion of their privacy. My bad. Now, let’s get to the good stuff! (My comments in parentheses following the diary/journal entries.)

Marcus Mariota’s journal. 6/13/2016:

Life is great. I’m so excited about the season. I can’t wait until it gets here. I think the coaches are happy with my progress in the offseason. They seem to be. My teammates are just the best. Great guys.

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Titans Tuesday: Winning Back the Fan Base

Can the Tennessee Titans win back their fans?


It is one of the worst things that can happen to a professional sports’ franchise. Anger, frustration, and even pure hatred are almost more desirable than apathy. You want the fans of your team to feel something, anything. But sometimes, things get so bad that apathy is the only reaction that feels natural.

That is where the Tennessee Titans have been for the past few seasons. Due to a mind-numbing combination of poor on-the-field performance and astounding incompetence from the ownership, the franchise has found itself as the laughing stock of the NFL. The Titans don’t merely lack respect from the rest of the league and the media; they aren’t even taken seriously.

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Titans Tuesday: The 2016 NFL Draft Recap

Three views on the Titans’ Draft.

Do you want to read an in-depth evaluation of the Titans’ draft? Go here.

I am not going to go player by player, or round by round. There are plenty of places to find that kind of reaction. My aim in writing about the draft is much more of a gut reaction type of thing. I am going to break things down in three categories: The Pessimist View. The Optimist View. And the Middle-of-the-Road View.

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Titans Tuesday: Thank You Ken Whisenhunt and Ruston Webster

Ken Whisenhunt and Ruston Webster deserve our thanks. Really. This is not a joke.

Welcome to the inaugural Titans Tuesday article. This will be a weekly look at the Tennessee Titans, starting in earnest during the preseason. We will have occasional updates during the offseason but it won’t be weekly until closer to the start of the season.

Today, my topic is simple. Consider this a big “Thank You” to Ken Whisenhunt and Ruston Webster.

Now, I know what you are thinking

Why are we thanking those two? What did they ever do to deserve our thanks? Your questions do not come as a surprise.

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