Five Titans Season Predictions

I might as well go big for my first real article on Titans Ever On. These predictions are not for the faint of heart. I will be pulling no punches. Fortunate favors the bold and all that. So, buckle up and hold on tight. (I’m all out of cliches…) Here are my five Titans season predictions.

1. The offense will share the load.

In the Return of the King, one of the most iconic scenes is when brave and loyal Samwise Gamgee carries Frodo up the slopes of Mount Doom. (If that sentence has you questioning whether this is a sports’ article or the musings of a nerd, the answer is both. You might as well come to terms with that now.) Frodo is completely worn down by the weight and power of the ring he is carrying. (Seriously, if you don’t understand this reference, I’m not going to re-tell the entire story. Go watch the movies or read the books.) Sam realizes he cannot carry the ring – its power would consume him as well. So he decides to carry his friend instead. It’s an amazing and powerful moment in a film full of amazing and powerful moments.

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Welcome to Titans Ever On

Early on in the whole Rambling Ever On thing, I decided that it would be fun to include as much Tennessee Titans content as possible. After about a year of weekly Titans’ content, I decided to broaden the scope and focus on the entire NFL, to mixed results. I am proud of the content we produced but my passion is the Tennessee Titans so I’ve decided I would rather focus almost exclusively on them going forward. Titans Ever On will give me the avenue to write about my favorite team as much as I want to.

A new home…

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